“Oma” and its inspiration!

Hi, everyone! I apologize for not posting a recent blog entry. I’ve been busy with the start of the fall semester and with work and writing. I have a few pieces out on submission. And on August 18th, I published a short story called “Oma.” I wanted to share my inspiration behind it, as well as the link to read it:


I based Oma off of my great-aunt Dottie. Like Oma in the story, she is incredibly fearless. Each summer, she and her children and grandchildren vacation at the beach. She looks forward to parasailing each year, and there is a rotation of her copilot each year. Although I have never been parasailing, I was able to write it through watching videos that my relatives have posted on Facebook. A picture of Dottie wearing her favorite yellow shirt and pink sneakers also caught my eye, so the pink sneakers became a symbol and a part of Oma’s character.

I changed a lot of details and debated over the ending for a long time, and after I finished, I sent it to a few magazines. Three days after receiving it, Every Day Fiction accepted it.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll be posting more soon!