My Kipling 100 Pen Case!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to post about one of my favorite pen cases! It’s called the Kipling 100 Pen Case. You can get it on Amazon or at retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Homegoods. My mom got mine from Amazon for me!

I’m a huge fan of pen cases because I take my writing utensils everywhere with me, especially on long trips. There is lots of room to store my pens in the pen slots in the front and in the space in the back. Although it depends on the type of pen with regards to whether it stores 100 exactly.

I wanted more storage on the back of the canvas that separates the storage from the pen slots, so I put two hair elastics on it to store stickers.  I use weekly stickers from the Dollar Tree sometimes.

I’m still working on filling up the space in the back, but I’ll figure it out!

Thanks for reading! Remember to always be kind!

P.S. Check out some pictures!

Paper mate ink joy gel pens on the left; Pentel Energels on the right!

Hair elastics and stickers courtesy of the Dollar Tree!

The front of my Kipling!

Empty and ready for pens!

Empty storage space for now!


Author Apparatuses I Use Part Three: My Smart Pens 

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while! I wanted to add a third post to my Author Apparatuses I Use series! I’m hoping to keep this series going and adding more things to it over time! So without further ado, here is part three!

While I mainly use my laptop to write, sometimes I get ideas in my head when I am away from it. And other times I just like to write in a distraction-free way. Some authors use an AlphaSmart word processor for this. I use my smart pens!

The first smart pen I got was my Livescribe pen in 2009 when I started my junior year of college. I was planning to use it for taking notes in my classes, but I ended up not needing it. I kept it to jot down ideas for writing. I eventually got a second one, which I also use for writing.

A haiku poem I wrote one morning after seeing the sunrise last year.

The inside and outside of my Pulse and Livescribe 3 smart pen notebook!

Photo credit: Google image search

Photo credit: Google image search

This past Christmas, I got a Moleskine smart pen and notebook. I love using it! I recently used it to jot down writing ideas for my grad school class. I also use my smart pens as regular pens to write in my journal sometimes. 

Pages from my M+ Notes app!

Photo credit: Google image search

Something I love about my smart pens is that my handwriting can be exported to text. I can email my notes to myself to put in my laptop from the Livescribe or M+ Notes apps.

Basically, my smart pens work together with my technology. On one hand, I take a break from technology to write the old fashioned way, but on the other hand, it imports my writing into the apps to preserve it forever.

Thanks so much for reading! See you soon! Bye!