Author Apparatuses I Use Part Two: Scrivener

Thanks for the great response to my first part of Author Apparatuses I Use! Without further adieu, here is Part Two!
I’ve tried lots of writing software. I’ve been a longtime Microsoft Word writer. But there’s only so much it can do and I wanted to find a program that could do more.

On a whim two years ago, I tried Scrivener. I loved all of its features and after buying it, I’ve never looked back. I use it both for writing and for my grad school classes.

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As shown above, I like how everything is in one place rather than scattered all over in separate Word documents. It breaks down a big project, like a novel, into parts.

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Also as seen above, I like that you can set up word targets right on the screen. I do that for stories or papers that have a specific word count.

I still use Microsoft Word to finalize my writing and to save it in its proper format though. But other than that, I’m a Scrivener scribbler!

Stay tuned for Part Three soon!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!