Author Apparatuses I Use Part One: My Bullet Journal

Now that the semester is over for the summer, I’ve been working  hard at getting my professional writing career off the ground. I’ve submitted many stories and poems to different literary magazines, I created a professional author Facebook page, and I’m working on a portfolio. But I also have been thinking about the tools I use as a writer and I wanted to do a series on it! So here is Part One of Authoring Apparatuses I Use!

As many of you may know, I am an avid journal keeper. I have my old school notebooks from first through fifth grade, which were spiral bound notebooks. It wasn’t until fourth grade that I began keeping a journal at home. I even brought it to school like Harriet the Spy, but I didn’t get into trouble for it, and nobody read it. I often had a habit of stopping journals in the middle, which is why I have over 70 now.
Now though, I fell in love with a new type of journal that combines my love of to-do lists with regular journaling. It’s called the Bullet Journal!

My current bullet journal, a Moleskine from Target

I first learned about bullet journaling through Kate Messner’s blog entry in January of 2015 and I am still doing it today! Here is the official Bullet Journal website.

You can use any type of journal for it, along with any pen or pencil (I’m a pen freak). The official Bullet Journal notebook is a Leuchturm 1917, and it comes in a rainbow of colors and page types (dotted, lined/ruled, and plain). I used a ruled Leuchturm before, but I also use other journals. I tend to use one journal per month because I write a lot, so it helps that I have a huge blank journal collection! 🙂

To paraphrase a classic Reese’s  Peanut Butter Cup slogan, “there’s no wrong way to” keep a bullet journal. You can draw pictures or pretty up the pages with Washi tape (I don’t) or just keep it minimalist. You can journal in it or just keep your collections in it. You do you!

I am very proud to be a bullet journalist and belong to two bullet journaling groups on Facebook! Boho Berry (also known as Kara Benz) is my favorite bullet journal blogger! I love her positivity and kindness, as well as the big impact she’s had on bullet journaling! I borrow techniques from her a lot and put my own spin on them! I belong to her bullet journal tribe, and you can sign up Here! And I’m honored that she included my bullet journal page along with many beautiful others in her The Right Way to Bullet Journal video!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for Part Two soon! 🙂