Happy birthday, Beverly Cleary!

When I was in second grade, my teacher introduced my class to the Ramona book series. I loved listening to her read aloud about Ramona’s adventures!

I laughed at her mishaps and felt bad when she kept trying to help solve problems and be understood by her parents and older sister. Ramona wasn’t the perfect kid, but she tried very hard and never gave up when faced with a problem. I admired her spunky personality most of all! I have all of the book series, and I had a Beezus and Ramona diary at one point.

Besides the Ramona book series, I also loved Dear Mr. Henshaw and its sequel Strider because it was an epistolary novel (which means that it’s written in letters and diary entries) and I liked Leigh’s character.

In third grade reading group, I read Muggie Maggie. I liked that book, even though unlike Maggie, I wanted to learn cursive writing!

Whenever I’m a flea markets or antique stores, I always look for Beverly Cleary books. I’ve found a lot of them that I have not read, so I am excited to discover them for the first time!

Thank you, Beverly Cleary, for these and other amazing books! Happy 100th birthday!

(All picture credits: Google image search)