When characters become friends!

I wanted to take the time to reflect on two very special literary bears that have played a role in my life: Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh.

January 13th was Michael Bond’s 90th birthday. He is the author of the Paddington Bear series. I remember seeing the stop-motion cartoon shorts on the Disney Channel a lot, and I liked them. Eventually my mom got me the first book. I have a newer version now because of the movie that came out, but the stories are still special to me. I took a picture of my book and a special friend to wish Michael Bond a happy birthday.

 I found this little guy at an antique store in Maryland. I have him proudly on display in my London collection in my bedroom.

This past Monday was A. A. Milne’s birthday, and it was Winnie the Pooh Day too because that is what he is remembered for. I was exposed more to the Disney version of Pooh and his pals as a kid, but the literary versions and beautiful illustrations by E. H. Shepard hold a very special place in my heart. My mom and dad collected older copies of the books over the years for me. I still love to find Pooh books when I’m out and about. I love all the characters because they are different. I also have a lot of the original and Disney stuffed characters.
Both of these characters introduced me to elevenses, which I think the United States should have! I guess it is also brunch here, but the idea of elevenses continues to intrigue me today!

I want to close this entry with a passage I wrote in my journal on Monday night. It sums up why I wanted to become a writer in the first place, as well as why I love to read:

I believe that every character you meet in a book can become your friend. No matter if it’s you reading by yourself or someone reading it to you, you follow your friend into their world with the turn of each page, meet different characters, deal with conflicts, learn lessons, and close the book with a smile of satisfaction on your face. And if you really liked it, chances are that you’ll ask to hear it or decide to read it again! I know I always did!

Thank you to Michael Bond and A. A. Milne, as well as many other authors I love, for creating such memorable characters that are still my friends all these years later!



Well, it’s official! I published my first story! Six months ago in June, I submitted a story I wrote called “A Mother for Melvin” to an online magazine called Diverse Voices Quarterly. And on December 18th, I got an email asking if the story was still available to use. All it needed was two lines of dialogue omitted and a final edit, and it was good to go.

On New Year’s Eve, I got the email that my story was published in the newest issue of DVQ, and I was so excited! It’s still a bit hard to believe, but I’m enjoying the moment. And I’m excited to see where things go from here!

If you would like to read my story, here is the link to read it online:


And here is the link to buy the issue of Diverse Voices Quarterly on Amazon:


Thank you to everyone who has read my story online or bought the issue for your Kindle on Amazon! I’m glad that you are enjoying it!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and is having a happy 2016!