Hello and welcome :-)

Hi! Welcome to “Futurewriter13: Ashley Kauffman’s Website and Blog,” also known as “Adventures of an Aspiring Author!” I’m very glad you came! Feel free to follow me here! You can also add me as a friend on Facebook, look at my pictures and request to follow me on Instagram, and follow me on Twitter (@futurewriter13).

This is my blog where I write about my adventures. I’m an aspiring author. I sent out my first children’s book manuscript and am waiting to get everything finalized to become a published author. I’m also working on a few other projects.  But this is not my first attempt at a blog.

I had another blog called “Futurewriter13: Ashley’s random thoughts and observations.” In it, I wrote about my life and posted pictures. It was great! But now that blog is finished.  It had a good long run over the past nine years, and while I enjoyed blogging on Xanga and LiveJournal (my blogging sites of choice as a teenager), I am glad to be starting fresh on WordPress.

Mostly this blog will be about my adventures with becoming a writer and what will happen once I am published, my writing style, tips I have for other writers, books that I have read and really enjoyed, etc.  I will also write about my life, which includes my family and friends.  I am in the process of getting a master’s degree in children’s literature from penn state, so I will be blogging about that from time to time. I work at a daycare center a few days a week when I’m not writing, and I am also writing trainings for other daycare programs. I won’t be posting about those things as much.  I can promise you that I will not be blogging about anything mean.  I am the same way on Twitter.  Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of her show to always “be kind,” and I live by that phrase.

Thank you for reading my blog and looking at my website.  I am looking forward to connecting with people through this.  Thanks for coming along for the ride! 🙂