Hello!  Welcome to the website of Ashley E. Kauffman.  I am currently working to become a children’s author, but I also do a lot of other projects on the side.  I have lots of ideas for stories!  Please come back to visit and feel free to leave comments about my work!  Remember to always be kind!

Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. There once was a little girl who was in kindergarten and was given an aide to help her. There were also advocates who had suggestions of ideas to make things easier for her. But guess what; this little girl wanted nothing to do with those ideas/suggestions. She wanted to do everything just like everyone else in her class were doing things.

    Even though she was legally blind her favorite thing to do was read. So it does not surprise me that the little girl is now a young lady writing wonderful stories and helping children just like she was helped.

    That little girl is now one determined young lady who still will not let anything stop her to do it her way ~ reaching heights that only Ashley Kauffman dreams about. Watch out world ~ Ashley has many more amazing stories to tell us!!!

    I am so very, very proud of you Ashley!!!! I cannot wait to read your next awesome story.

    • Thank you so much! I often look back on where I have been, and realize that it is the special people and memories that helped to pave the path which I am now traveling on. I am thankful that you were there to help guide me as a little girl, and that we have remained special friends. I’ll always be reading and writing, and I’ll always be grateful for special people like you!

      Thank you again!

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